Activities at Pioneer Memorial

Our residents love going on outings around the community! We take many trips with them to drive around the community towns and to check the fields! They also love going to the Danish Museum in Viborg! Our Dane residents love it and enjoy memories of all the items they see on display!
April showers bring May flowers! Our Activities Dept. does such a great job of thinking of fun craft ideas to do with our residents!
Having our residents engage in physical activities and keeping their body active is important!
Occasionally residents enjoy having pets coming for a visit! Having pets visit bring smiles and joy to our residents!
Our residents were very excited to receive their COVID vaccinations! This was a huge milestone as they took a seat to make history to get their vaccines! One step closer to getting back to normal!

Weekly entertainment is provided for our residents, and we have numerous members of our community that come in and sing and play music for them! They enjoy it so much that sometimes dancing even occurs!
You are never too old to go bowling! Our residents love playing games and competing against each other!
Yummy snacks are provided daily to our residents! And our meals are nutritious and delicious!
Our residents love getting pampered, and weekly hair appointments and nail care make them feel special! We also have numerous pastors from the community churches that voluneer their time to come in and provide worship time for our residents!

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