Patient Testimonials

Barbara Steskal, resident of Viborg, will always remember the afternoon of May 19, 2021. Barbara had been at her daughter’s house about 5 miles west of Viborg and was driving back to her home. Just making it one mile, her vehicle was hit at the intersection of 291st St and 452nd Ave (also known as the intersection that leads to Irene).

With numerous emergency vehicles called to the accident, Barbara was transported by ambulance to Viborg, and within a few hours airlifted to Sioux Falls for critical condition injuries. The accident resulted in 19 fractures for Barbara, including neck, pelvic, and rib fractures. She was treated at Sanford in Sioux Falls for 24 days, and at that point she was told she would be released. Barbara knew she was not capable of going home to take care of herself. She was so happy that she could come to Pioneer Memorial for their swing bed program which would allow her to receive high quality care close to home and family.

Barbara described the swing bed program as a huge life saver for her! She commented, “The care I received was wonderful … all the staff was very uplifting! They were always friendly and helpful, and made me feel very comfortable. Having physical and occupational therapy right in the facility was so convenient.” Barbara was ready to return back to her home the end of June; but has been continuing with Pioneer Memorial for outpatient physical therapy.

Therapy has helped Barbara to gradually start gaining the strength and skills needed to help with daily functional tasks. She commented, “They do a great job of having an individualized plan for me that pushes me to continue to get better. Although I still have a lot of progress to make in my recovery, my positivity has helped me to get through the days … and I know I have a great team at Pioneer Memorial that are standing by myside!”

“I am so thankful to know we have this opportunity here in our own community. I would absolutely recommend Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services to anyone in need of medical care.”

Family Testimonials

"Pioneer Memorial Nursing Home is where dad has made his home since November of 2016. We are so happy it is close to family and we are able to visit on a regular basis. The nurses and staff are EXCELLENT!! Charlene Overgard - daughter of resident, Charles Gauker

Family Testimonials

"We selected Pioneer Memorial Nursing Home for my mother based on our concern for her medical care and safety, her comfort and the ability of the staff to communicate with us, her family.

Medical care and safety: When Mom came to Pioneer Memorial Hospital Nursing Home, she had broken her ankle at a previous placement. She had an operation to have a plate placed to support it. When the cast was removed, it was found that an infection had set into the incision. The nursing care by the physicians and nurses at Pioneer Memorial Nursing Home was outstanding. They tried a variety of techniques to help the wound heal, and after months of care it did.

Another good feature of Pioneer Memorial Nursing Home is that the Hospital is on-site. If Mom needs any sort of medical attention at any time, there is a physician and high level medical care available to her without the delay of any sort of transportation to bring her to another building. Since Mom has been wheelchair bound since she broke her ankle, there is comfort knowing that she can be cared for without concern for her mobility.

Mom has a tendency to want to get out of bed. The staff has made a number of adjustments to try to be aware of when she is getting up. After a short time, they were dissatisfied with their ability to respond quickly enough to her movements, so they decided it would be best to move her to a room right next to the nurses’ station. They took the time to move all of her belongings and re-place all of her things in her new room just as we had them in the previous room, including her art and photos. I was impressed that they would make all of these efforts to do their best care for Mom.

Comfort: The staff at Pioneer Memorial Nursing Home treat Mom as they would a family member. She feels special as they talk to her, hug her and do the best to interact with her at her level. She is always neat and clean. When we come to visit, Mom is either in her wheelchair or in her recliner in her room with a blanket on her to keep her warm. She very often has a special snack of a cookie or fruit cup nearby. Prior to her placement at Pioneer Memorial Nursing Home, she had virtually stopped eating. Now that she has tasted the wonderful food served there, she is back to eating well again!

Communication: Mom is 91 years old and has advanced dementia. Since her move to Pioneer Memorial Nursing Home, there have been several concerns regarding her health and safety. The social work staff and nursing staff call whenever there is a concern. They take their time to talk to me and answer my questions. I can feel their care and concern for Mom as a person.

Overall, I believe that the staff at Pioneer Memorial Nursing Home has truly comforted Mom on both a physical and emotional level. I can see that she is connected to them and responds well to their smiles and touch. Their care has improved the quality of her life. I am happy and content with our decision to bring her to Pioneer Memorial Nursing Home where she lives the best life she can live.”

Cherri Buchkoski

Family Testimonials

"Pioneer Memorial Assisted Living is where mom started. After a change in her health, she became a resident of the nursing home. The staff went above and beyond to make the transition go smoothly. She has been a resident of Pioneer Memorial since 2015. Our Family could not be more please with the care. The CNA's are top notch!!! Pioneer Memorial is a very family oriented place. It's like 'Cheers', where everybody knows your name!

Tammy Zimmerman - daughter of resident, Joyce Pearson

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