Swing Bed

Skilled Swing Bed

This is a Medicare program and skilled needs are assessed on an ongoing basis. Skilled care can be provided to non-Medicare patients through contracts with their insurance company if skilled care is required daily and the patient has difficulty with being transported daily.

Swing bed is goal-oriented inpatient care designed for patients who have had, at least, a three-day acute-care stay in an acute care facility, such as a hospital, within the previous 30 days. A need for a skilled service is required at least five times weekly in order to qualify for this level of care. The services may include, but are not limited to, physical, occupational, or speech therapy, education and treatment for a particular disease, dressing changes, long-term IV antibiotic therapy, or pain management.

Intermediate Swing Bed

Intermediate Swing Bed is one of two levels of Swing Bed Care, the other being Skilled Swing Bed.

The Intermediate program is a private pay program, which is not covered by Medicare.

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