7th Annual “DXA Body Challenge” 90 Day Fat Loss Challenge Begins in January

Over the last 6 years, Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services has been putting on a three-month community challenge at the beginning of each year to improve the health status of our community. The goal of this challenge was to inspire and motivate our community to eat healthy, exercise, and support their weight loss efforts and goals. Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services is happy to announce the dates and plans for the 7th Annual Challenge.

This challenge utilizes DXA Body Composition technology to determine some of the winners of the challenge. The DXA scan is the current “Gold Standard” for accessing total body composition. Your body is made of water, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fat. Too much fat, particularly at the waist, puts you at a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. This scan gives a very precise measurement of total body composition and muscle to fat ratios. The beginning scan will be compared with the last scan and a percentage of fat loss will be determined to calculate the winners. We will also be giving a prize to the individual who loses the most weight and weight percentage overall.

This is a 90 day challenge with each challenger obtaining a Total Body DXA scan at the start of the competition as well as at the end of the competition. The Challenge is available for your first scan from January 2nd – January 31st during regular business hours. The cost to enter the competition is only $30.00! This price includes your pre and post challenge body composition scan. For those over the 350lb weight limit of the scanner, or those not wanting to participate in the DXA total body scan, you may still participate to try and win the other prizes.

All winners of the various challenges will win cash prize packages. It is possible for the same individual to win in multiple prize categories. The prizes and challenge categories are: DXA Scan Most Fat Loss by Percentage -$150 Cash Prize DXA Scan Most Fat Loss -$50 Cash Prize DXA Scan Highest Muscle Gain by Percentage - $50 Cash Prize Most Weight Loss by Percentage -$100 Cash Prize Most Weight Loss Overall - $100 Cash Prize

This 90 day challenge is a great way to challenge your family, friends, and yourself during a brand new year and is open for anyone over the age of 16. Ages 16-18 must have parental consent. All of the rules, registration information, and other info can be found on our website at or you may call 605-326-3031 to schedule your appointment.


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