Get back in the game with the help of Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services’ Therapy Dept.!

Get back in the game and prevent further injuries with the help of our experienced & knowledgeable team of physical and occupational therapists. Our therapy team works with each individual patient to customize a comprehensive therapy program and provides quality care for each patient. For your convenience, we offer therapy in two locations - in Viborg at Pioneer Memorial Hospital Therapy Department and in Parker at the Parker Medical Clinic.

With the school year starting and fall sports ready to begin, it is essential for student athletes to take care of their joints and muscles to prevent getting injured in practice or in a game. However, when those injuries do occur, you can feel confident that your son or daughter will receive the best possible rehab close to home. Our therapists have experience in successfully treating many types of sports related and orthopedic injuries. Some of these injuries and problems include: shoulder dislocations, ACL tears, ankle sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis, wrist and elbow injuries, back pain, neck pain and many other injuries or conditions too numerous to mention.

We have provided physical and occupational therapy to student athletes and adults in the Viborg-Hurley, Irene-Wakonda, Centerville, Lennox, Chancellor and Parker communities, along with other nearby communities. Our goal is to provide you or your student athlete with the best possible rehab in order for you to get back to your prior activities and to help you prevent further injuries.

If you or your student athlete answer yes to any of the following questions, you may benefit from physical therapy or occupational therapy services in Viborg or Parker from our Pioneer Memorial therapy staff. 1) Have you recently sprained your ankle or twisted your knee? 2) Do you have back pain that limits your participation in a sport or activity? 3) Do you have shoulder pain or history of shoulder dislocation? 4) Do you have pain in your knees or hips? 5) Have you recently sprained or fractured your hand, wrist or elbow? 6) Do you have pain or an injury anywhere that limits your participation in a sport or activity? If you did answer yes to one or more of these questions, please contact your primary care provider or orthopedic doctor for a referral today!

If you have any questions about therapy services we provide or to schedule a therapy evaluation, please contact us at 605-326-3009.

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