Nominations for Sanford Health Network Nurse Awards from Pioneer Memorial

These employees were nominated for Sanford Health Network Nurse Awards from Pioneer Memorial: L-R: Stacy Clites, Karen Stainbrook, and Kelli Zimmerman. As a managed facility our staff are able to able to be nominated as we have chosen to be a part of the Sanford South Health Network Nurse Senate. They were recognized at Sioux Falls/South Region Nurse Recognition/Appreciation Event that was held on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls.

Kelli Zimmerman was nominated for Structural Empowerment Nurse Award. The Structural Empowerment Nurse Award was established to recognize professional engagement, development, and a commitment to community involvement. This award recognizes a registered nurse who is a role model involved in shared-governance and decision-making structures and processes that establish standards of practice and address issues of concern such as Senate, clinical-academics/preceptor, professional associations or community level. This nurse also serves on committees and task forces that address excellence in patient care and the safe, efficient, and effective operation of Sanford.

Stacy Clites was nominated for Spirit of Nursing Leadership Award. The Spirit of Nursing Leadership Registered Nurse Award was established in loving memory of past nursing leaders. This award recognizes a registered nurse in a leader role who has demonstrated leadership as a nursing professional by significant contributions to the professional advancement of nurses, the nursing profession, and improvement of the general welfare of nurses.

Karen Stainbrook RPh was nominated for the Friend of Nursing Award. The Friend of Nursing Award was established to recognize an individual or group who is not a nurse, but who has helped the profession of Nursing, and demonstrated significant contributions to the Nursing profession and to the work environment of the health care team. This individual or group can come from other disciplines (medicine, pharmacy, respiratory therapy, radiology, education, etc.).

Congratulations to all 3 for their nomination which was very well deserved!

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