Pioneer Memorial Holds Heartsaver CPR & First Aid Class

Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services held a Heartsaver CPR & First Aid Class for residents of Turner County on September 10th. The class was taught by certified CPR instructors that included three Registered Nurses from Pioneer Memorial. There were a total of 22 attendees to the class, which included adults, teachers, day care workers, and children.

Students learned how to provide CPR to an adult, child, and infant and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). They learned how to handle situations if a person is choking. There was also a first aid component to the class that taught basic first aid and appropriate skills to use during injury and medical emergencies.

When cardiac arrest strikes, every second is crucial. Each minute CPR is not performed, the likelihood of brain damage increases significantly. One participant commented, “It is never too early to learn lifesaving skills! It was great to see so many young children attend the class, as they learned and retained skills that may help them save a loved one.”

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