Pioneer Memorial Hospital Announces Stacey Sorlien Employee of the Month for August

Stacey Sorlien, Public Relations and Marketing Manager for Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services, has been named as the August Employee of the Month. Stacey started working with Pioneer Memorial August 2021.

In Stacey’s role, she is responsible for promoting the facility and all the features we offer here at Pioneer Memorial. She also handles all the communications of social media, website and advertising.

Stacey lives outside of Viborg. Her family includes her husband, Mac; and their two children: Nicholas (22) and Thea (14) and their dog Porter.

In her spare time, Stacey loves spending time friends and family. She also enjoys boating, being outside and entertaining.

Those who nominated Stacey said she is very friendly, energetic and gets projects done. She is great to work with and has been a great help for all departments. She is a huge team-player, and jumps in whenever help is needed anywhere in the facility. Stacey has been an excellent addition to the Pioneer Memorial team!

When asked what she thought of the award Stacey stated: “This award means a lot to me and I am truly honored to receive this award! I enjoy being able to work with such an awesome team!”

Stacey certainly demonstrates her commitment to teamwork and is an outstanding asset to Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services! Congratulations Stacey Sorlien on a well-deserved recognition.

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