Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services presents Employee Service Awards

Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services presented Employee Service Awards during Health Care Appreciation Week May 9th-13th. The following individuals were recognized with Employee Service Awards for their longevity within the organization.

40 Years: Bernie Nesheim, Hospital RN
30 Years: Deb Hauger (Public Health); Rita Westergaard (Assisted Living Resident Assistant)

25 Years: Dee Hansen (Dietary)

15 Years: Matt Berry (Radiology Director); Carol Mayer (Accounts Payable) & Kelly Happeny (Dietary). Not pictured: Stacy Clites (Infection Control / RN); Shirley Hoxeng (Hospital RN), Shellie Sveeggen (Health Information Director), Janice Wilson (Long-Term Care RN)

10 Years: Kari Jensen (Radiology Tech), Beverly Walsh (Dietary). Not pictured: Karen Knudsen (Long-Term Care RN) & Kayla Mehlhaf (Viborg Medical Clinic CNP)

5 Years: Katie Wagner (Parker Clinic Medical Assistant), Sherry Oswald (Assisted Living Resident Assistant), Jerry Berg (Maintenance), Maddie Manning (Long-Term Care RN), Kelsey Larsen (Radiology Tech) & Kathy Berg (Patient Services Rep)
Not pictured: Brianna Bobzien (CNA), Jeannie Johnson (Assisted Living Resident Assistant), Melissa Gering (Hospital RN), Becky Holmes (Housekeeping) & Danielle Sorenson (Long-Term Care RN)

Congratulations to all those that received service awards, and thank you for your years of service at Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services!

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