Turner County participation in area Point of Dispensing (POD)

Turner County participated in an area Point of Dispensing (POD) November 12th by offering free influenza vaccinations to all children 3 years through 18 years of age. Volunteers included staff from Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services, Viborg-Hurley School, and community members. Registered Nurses administered the seasonal flu vaccine to 39 children at the Viborg/Hurley School at Hurley while exercising the local point of dispensing (POD) plan.

Those that helped with the event are as follows:

Standing (L-R): Robby Vargas, Molly Heeney, Lester Jahnig, Sharon Jacobson, Deb Hauger, Ella Odland, Bernie Nesheim, Ginny Anderson, Samantha Hill, Lori Hisel
Kneeling (L-R): Katherine Buckneberg, Tonya Rudd, Maggie Stevens Not pictured: Jenn Eli, Lindsey Hauger, Lisa Stange, Doug Stange, Stacy Clites, & Jessica Just

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