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Women's Health Screens Offered

The Centerville, Parker and Viborg Medical Clinics are emphasizing preventative health care and putting the spotlight on women’s health October through December by offering a special Women’s Health Screening Package.

The Women’s Heart Foundation states, “When it comes to their own medical care, women – especially women under forty – are shortchanging themselves. A doctor should not just be someone you call to get a prescription or to deliver a baby. A doctor should be an integral part of your life. Your doctor should be someone who knows you as a person, not just a sick person.”

The physicians and health care providers at Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services are working together to create a strong emphasis on family wellness. New family physician at Pioneer Memorial, Dr. Shamim Sultana explains, “We know that screenings can help prevent many chronic conditions. Preventive health measures work and we hope to encourage women to take control of their own health by scheduling an appointment for a general physical exam, and specific screenings.” She added, “I am particularly interested in women’s health issues and believe it is important to partner with my patients to share information that will keep them healthy.”

To emphasize women’s wellness, all three Pioneer Memorial Clinics will offer women a general physical and screenings that include a comprehensive metabolic panel (blood sugar, potassium, liver & kidney), Lipid Panel (cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL & LDL), hemoglobin check and pap test for a special reduced price through the end of this year. One of the most efficient ways to screen for heart-disease risk is via tests for levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or “Bad”) cholesterol. Yet often that screen isn’t done. In a study completed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of 2,587 young adults in the study – men 20 – 35 and women 20-45, fewer than 50% had been screened. Yet 59 percent of them had heart disease or related conditions such as diabetes or at least one risk factor of heart disease.

All adults should visit their healthcare provider from time to time, even if they are healthy to screen for diseases, assess risk of future medical problems, encourage a healthy lifestyle, update vaccinations and maintain a healthy relationship with a doctor in case of illness. 

In addition to Dr. Sultana, Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, Pioneer Memorial’s medical team includes Dr. Syed A Shah, Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, Candace Highley, CNP, at the Centerville Medical Clinic, Hillary Turner, CNP, at the Parker Medical Clinic, and Whitney Delforge, CNP, and Kayla Nielsen, CNP, at the Viborg Medical Clinic.

Candace explains, “When you get a preventive medical test, you’re not just doing it for yourself. You’re doing it for your family and loved ones. The single most important way you can take care of yourself and those you love is to actively take part in your own healthcare by educating yourself about healthcare and participating in decisions with your health care provider.”

Whitney adds, “Catching conditions early improves your chance of a cure, since treatment is usually more effective when started early. Having a record of your past measurements, such as your blood pressure or cholesterol can help us identify your “normal” levels if you become sick.”

“Every woman who values her health should have an annual physical exam. It will enable you to develop a relationship with your health care provider. Your provider will be in a better position to detect small problems before they blossom into big ones if he or she is familiar with your family medical history, your lifestyle, and your overall health,” added Kayla.

Hillary commented, “If you have a good rapport with your health care provider, you will be more likely to pick up the phone and let the provider know if you’re experiencing any unusual symptoms. If more women felt comfortable with their providers, there may be fewer women ignoring important symptoms that can lead to serious conditions”.

Appointments for the Women’s Health Screen can be made at any of the three clinics before the end of December for a special cost of $150 on the day of the exam. Because of the special rate, no insurance claim will be filed. Lack of insurance or high co-pays and deductibles often stop people from seeing a doctor when they feel good. Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services three medical clinics hope by offering a general physical and special screenings for women at a reduced rate, more individuals will be encouraged to schedule an appointment.
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