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Award Presented at Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services Annual Shareholders Meeting


Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services held their annual shareholders meeting on March 27th, 2017.  There were approximately 40 shareholders in attendance.  The event began with a meal and was followed by the annual meeting.

Melanie Parsons, Board President, called the meeting to order and welcomed those in attendance. After opening remarks, Anne Christiansen, CFO presented the Consolidated Financial Report for Pioneer memorial Hospital & Health Services for 2016.  Once the financial information was explained, the meeting was turned over to CEO Thomas Richter who gave the Pioneer Memorial Foundation and Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services reports.   With a positive year behind us, Thomas discussed strategies and plans to maintain the positive direction of the organization.  He commented, “With the Board of Directors, Administration, Medical Staff, and employees all working together and continued community support, Pioneer Memorial can look forward to a very bright future.”

Linda Andal, John Chicoine, and Melanie Parsons were re-elected for a three year term on the Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services Board of Directors.  Immediately following the nomination approval, Thomas presented Kelly Oberbroekling with a five year service award for his time and service on the Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services Board of Directors.

(L) Tom Richter (R) Kelly Oberbroekling

Appointments to the Pioneer Memorial Foundation Board of Directors were also made.  Paul Christensen, Arlen Jensen, and Melanie Parsons terms were set to expire.  The nominations committee resubmitted their names and the nominations were accepted.  They will each serve another three year term.

The current Board of Directors for Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services is:

Chairman of the Board/President: Melanie Parsons

Vice President: Paul Christensen

Secretary: Kelly Oberbroekling

Trustee: Linda Andal

Trustee: Troy Lee

Trustee: Cheri O’Dell

Trustee: Helen Jacobson

Trustee: Maureen Garry

Trustee: John Chicoine

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