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Pioneer Memorial Hospital Completes 5th Annual Body Challenge


At the beginning of this year, Pioneer Memorial Hospital embarked on an adventure inspired by our “Community Health Needs Assessment”. The details of this assessment can be found at

The beginning of this year, we began a three month community challenge for participants to try and reduce the amount of fat percentages of their body along with other body improvements. The goal of this challenge was to inspire and motivate our community to eat healthy and exercise.

Approximately 73 community members participated, with 27 returning for a 2nd scan to take advantage of our contest to win prizes for the top three most successful participants.  Each challenger was given a Total Body DXA scan at the start of the competition as well as at the end of the competition.  This scan gives a very precise measurement of total body composition and muscle to fat ratios.  The beginning scan was compared with the last scan and we had some amazing results.

This year, the following cash prizes were awarded:

DXA Scan Most Fat Loss by Percentage -$150 Cash Prize

DXA Scan Most Fat Loss -$50 Cash Prize

DXA Scan Highest Muscle Gain by Percentage - $50 Cash Prize

Most Weight Loss by Percentage -$100 Cash Prize

Most Weight Loss Overall - $100 Cash Prize

Overall, the average totals with those who returned for a 2nd scan had 3.53% fat loss, 97.48 pounds of fat loss, 1.67% increase in lean muscle, 2.03% decrease in percentage of fat, and 96.2 pounds loss.  Even many of those who didn’t place ended up winning by improving their health and fitness levels.

While the challenge may be officially over, we will always offer our DXA scan service.  If you would like more information, check out the Pioneer Memorial website at or call 605-326-5161 Ext. 3031.

Congratulations to the winners of the following categories and to all who did so well!

DXA Scan Most Fat Loss by Percentage – Kalsey Leischner lost 12.58% of body fat!

DXA Scan Most Fat Loss - Kalsey Leischner lost 13.89lbs of body fat!

DXA Scan Highest Muscle Gain by Percentage – Kalsey Leischner increased her lean muscle mass by 11.11%!

Most Weight Loss by Percentage – Sarah Mellem lost over 6.34% of her weight!

Most Weight Loss Overall – Sarah Mellem lost over 14 pounds total!

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