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DXA Total Body Composition now offered at Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services


The Right Tool to Measure Total Body Composition

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  • For the athlete
  • For the weight & fitness enthusiast
  • For the health-conscious individual
“What can be measured, can be managed.”
Peter Drucker

Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services is one of the first facilities in the state to offer the general public total body composition scans with advanced state of the art technology. It is currently the most accurate way to measure body fat/muscle ratio. We offer the total body composition scan for only $30 a scan!

DXA (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) Total Body Composition, measures lean tissue mass as well as total and regional body fat. The DXA Scan is the Gold Standard to measure fat, muscle, and tissue. This determines how lean body mass and body fat change over a period of time. The report  is accurate and precise in showing specific fat loss and muscle gain. Carrying too much fat in the wrong areas can increase the chance of serious health problems.

The total body scan shows how much fat is being lost. It identifies the percentage of muscle and fat within the body, trunk, each leg and arm. This three dimensional information can help diagnose and guide
treatment, and can help athletes make decisions on training regimens used to achieve top performances.

The visual report from the DXA Scan can be a powerful motivator for those tracking weight loss, exercise regimens & overall health. From age 20, individuals start to lose muscle and gain fat. A DXA assessment, pinpoints the exact changes in body composition and becomes a tool for proactive health management, disease prevention and well-being.

The ability to monitor changes in body composition offers an important value for people who:
  • Are athletes trying to achieve peak performance.
  • Are in a treatment program for chronic disease.
  • Are undertaking dietary and life-style changes to improve body shape
  • Are working to maintain healthy lean body mass as they age.
The TV Show, “The Biggest Loser,” the Green Bay Packers, and Olympic Teams all use the DXA total body composition studies to provide benchmarks for performance improvement. Once done with your DXA Total Body Composition scan, you will be given a tailored report.  It is up to you how you want to use the report.

Scan Overview:

Simple - Patient lays flat, fully clothed while the arm of machine passes over body. - Maximum weight is 350 lbs. 
Try to come wearing loose comfortable clothing without metal of any kind.

Fast - (10 - 15 minutes)

Accurate - (margin of error <.05%) Benchmark Progress (Scan may be repeated every 3 - 6 months to measure body changes. For accuracy, test should be done on the same machine each time.)

Safe - Comparable to 3-4 hours in the sunlight.

Do not need a physician’s order.

To make an appointment for a total body composition scan, contact admissions at Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services, (605) 326-5161 extension 3031.
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